Rana Younes (Artist statement, art project)

Artist Statement
In my art project, I wanted to convey my feelings about my visit to the Baron palace in a drawing. Visiting the Baron palace led me to my theme which is “How appearances can be deceiving”. I reached this theme while considering the Baron palace as, the palace is amazingly built with incredible architectural design and on the outside, it just seems perfect. When I first saw the Baron Palace I thought it was the best structure and architectural design I have ever seen. However, once I went inside the palace, I felt great disappointment. It is broken, vandalized, spray painted and left without any maintenance. Even the architecture and the design of the palace on the inside is hidden behind the dust and the spray painted walls. It led me to my theme, as appearances can sometimes be deceiving and sometimes we can see things which look beautiful on the outside but is just empty and ugly on the inside. This theme can be applied to anything, not just old building but with people as well. My drawing expresses this idea and how looks can deceive.


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