Rana Younes (Artist statement) (film and design projects)

Artist statement (Film &design projects)
My film project is mainly concerned with a theme which is derived from my art project about the Baron Palace in Cairo. The theme for the film is “how appearances can deceive”. In my art project, I was mainly concerned with how the Baron palace is fascinating from the outside with its amazing architecture and overall design. And how anyone who looks at it from the outside can get completely fascinated with its appearance, however, on the inside, it is crumbling, broken, vandalized and distorted. I applied this perception on another aspect, which is people’s appearances and how, like the Baron Palace, their appearances can deceive. I showed in the film how people can be deceived by how well or how bad a person can look from the outside without really knowing how they are from the inside, like their personalities or their intensions.
In the design project, I wanted to express my main theme and what I wanted to show. I used snapshots from the video to make the poster more realistic and to relate the poster to the film more. The snapshots in the poster were taken in black and white as to show the dramatic effects which I wanted to convey through the film and the message that I wanted to express. I also made the whole theme of the poster to be black and white in order to show consistency in the overall view of the poster.


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