Shaden Al-Rafie ART project artist statement

Shaden Al-Rafie

Art project Artist statement

            For my art project I wanted to portray all the ideas in my mind. I’ve been fascinated by all the art that suddenly appeared after the revolution and that is how I came out with my idea after a lot of brainstorming. I went in the beginning to Tahrir Square, which was the place I chose. However, I could only go on Fridays and I discovered that the army surround the square and they refuse to let anyone enter. So I went around in the streets and I found a lot of graffiti, especially in Mohammed Mahmoud Street. I started taking pictures of all the art and decided that I must portray it in my upcoming projects.

            After discussing and brainstorming my theme with my professor and class mates, the idea I ended up with was creating my own graffiti and my own wall, by all the graffiti pictures I have collected. The idea at first seemed hard to implement, because I had absolutely no idea how I can give both the look and texture of the wall. However, I did a lot of research, I searched things online and went to stationaries and asked for material that could create that look and texture, but they didn’t really help. So I decided to think a little bit outside the box and I started thinking of all the textures that feel like a wall, and that is how I came up with the idea to buy a kind of paper used for casting a broken arm, leg etc… I went to a pharmacy and I took a paper roll that gives a cement-like look when it is wet. However, I still needed the color to look more like a wall on the street so I decided to go to a store that sells building construction material and I actually used a powder like substance that is used for construction. I mixed it with black powder color and I got the result I wanted.

            While creating my own graffiti out of all the other graffiti I tried to print the ones that gave a sense of creativity in a larger shape than the other. In the end I cut out a stencil and sprayed over it with the name of the street Freedom Eyes Street in Arabic, which is another name for Mohamed Mahmoud street because that is where their eyes got shot.


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