Yara El Sallab’s Video (How Girls Get Ready)


One thought on “Yara El Sallab’s Video (How Girls Get Ready)

  1. Artist Statement

    Perfection; is all what we aim for. Especially when it comes to girls and their look . They’re very passionate when they go shopping and they are always enthusiastic to follow trends and be updated by what’s new and what’s not.

    If we looked at a photo in a magazine that has a picture of model in it; we are rapidly amazed by the total look of her; yet we fail to notice the very small details in the picture and fail to notice all the effort that was given to come up with such a beautiful poster.

    Girls take hours and hours until they decide what to wear, what fits them and show their beauty that they want people to view. Starting from the confusion they have whether they should go with the basic outfit or wear the gorgeous dress. The whole process of applying make up on and having their hair done is such a tiring process that not so many people are familiar with. I’ve decided to make a movie that shows the whole process of who girls get ready to make people understand how the image they’re seeing has underlying tiring and exhausting process that girls are suffer from, in almost every occasion they have. I searched for some videos in which I could find a similar idea to mine until I was inspired by an Indian blogger who designed a whole video under name of “ how girls get ready “.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7o4uDXft_pU

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