Final Film and design project by Rana Hassan

Watch the movie via this link:

The artist statement for the film

Living in Cairo can get little depressing and boring; it is one of the cities that rank high with different kinds of pollution. This film aims to direct the attention of the audience to the good side of this city, and to let them know how it is much more beautiful only if they focused on these little things shown in the film. I took pictures of the Nile during the sunshine and went to one of the beautiful places in Cairo Khan el Khalili and El Hussein and filmed a few shots a long with taking pictures in order to show the beauty of Cairo. Also, this film includes a few pictures The down Town; it is such a beautiful place with European architecture buildings. The movie ended with a beautiful sunset picture from the balcony of my home. For the sound track, I tried many sounds tracks before deciding on this current one which is “Helwa Ya balady” by Dalida, I felt that it is more related to the movie’s story.     graphic poster


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