Hadeel Abd El Rahman poster

  I needed to create a poster that shows spirituality and mystery. The movie centered around the cube, the character needed to solve it to be happy. The only way to solve it is to mend his relationship with god, which is why there is a prayer carpet and skies with sun-rays behind the cube. The carpet isn’t straight because it’s supposed to show a bit of struggle in getting to where he is now, but it also looks beautifully messy. The font on the cube is written in scattered pieces because it’s a cube, a puzzle that should be figured out and grouped together, and the word “Rubik” is in colors to resemble colors of a Rubik cube. The cube is in the center, it’s what your eyes see first; a necessary thing to hint at the viewer that the movie is about the cube. The poster is taken from the ending scene in the movie to give closure, to give a tease of how the movie will end. you don’t really know how someone’s life is in a Rubik cube and that makes you curious.



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