Memories- Sarah Sorour

Artist Statement


My previous project was about the modern society versus the traditional society. I chose to elaborate this idea for my film project. My story is about a woman who reminiscences the good old days. My theme for this project is memories.

The concept revolves around a middle-aged woman (my mom) who remembers her high school years. I am my mother’s younger self (it’s perfect because we both look like).

The movie starts off with my mom looking through her old pictures (my high school pictures) then the shot blurs out to show a black and white movie of the high school hallway (my actual school). Some of the following shots show fun times and experiences of a teenage girl—assuming that’s her. I also wanted to show the present time when the woman is looking at her little daughter (this shows how her life has changed, and now she has a baby to take care of). These were actually different shots that I stuck together. The shot of the little girl (my cousin) was taken 10 months ago whereas my mom’s shot was filmed this week. I overlapped my cousin’s voice on my mom’s shot to make it seem like both shots were at the same time. The next part shows my mom looking through her pictures and this time I decided to show the black and white photographs as if they’re the ones she’s looking at. I took a snapshot of one of the videos so it can look like a picture, then the picture becomes a video as though that picture reminded my mom of that day. The next part shows my mom looking at a black and white painting of her younger self (me)—as though she missed the good old days. A short video of a city being built in fast-forward symbolizes years passing and change. It was perfect because my first project’s theme revolved around buildings/changing society.

As for the style, the shots that show the present time are in color whereas the memories shots were in black and white and given an “old film” effect.

I only used three songs in my project: Begging by Madcon, Let’s get retarded by Black Eyed Peas and Bust your window by Jazmine Sullivan. Begging and Bust your window are popular classic songs that I thought would go perfectly with the theme of the movie. I also wanted to add a modern song (Let’s Get Retarded) because I wanted to show diversity and also because it fit with the shot of the people dancing.

My poster is a picture of two faces (my mom’s and mine) split in half and stuck into one. This gives the illusion that it’s the same person. The quote on the poster “memory is a way of holding onto things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose” depicts the idea that memories are the only things that don’t change when everything else does. 


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