Script, Storyboard, Movie artist statment- Hadeel Abd El Rahman

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     My theme is about death, the afterlife, the triviality of life and everything in it except good deeds compared to what awaits us once our souls get fetched out of our bodies.

     I was going to do a cartoon movie about the life cycle of a human. That cartoon would have given us a bigger picture of how similar we all are in the mistakes we make, our misconceptions, our regrets, even our life plans; but only one thing would have stood out, the after death scene of two angels, the angel from hell and the angel from heaven, both having their scenes, hell and heaven behind them as they approach in slow motion from the dark.

  However, cartoon didn’t work out since it needed a lot more experience and time, 27 drawings for a one second scene, a very unintelligent thing to do when you are just a film creator newbie.

  I decided to make a movie similar to awareness campaigns about not doing your prayers and the devil whispering things in his victims’ ears. It was the most practical and doable idea I can come up with. I had an actor that knows how to act, not an amateur, and that was very necessary in the movie to capture his facial expressions. I didn’t need more than one actor as well, which was great because not many people were very excited about acting.

  An embodiment of the problem created when you keep your distance from god was required, the cube was the best choice and it’s known to be frustrating to solve, which was perfect.

  I drew the storyboard after I made the movie. It was easier to imagine the movie in my mind and execute it than try to follow a storyboard; imagining scenes took seconds but drawing them took forever and still didn’t come out right. However, I wrote a script before I drew the storyboard or made the movie.

The pre-movie and storyboard script

Scene one

Actor: he walks in to his laptop (the camera is at first looking at the laptop from a level camera angle) and sits down on the chair, (the camera makes a jump cut and gets a close up of his face) there is a light smile on his face, (the camera makes a jump cut again and looks at the laptop from the point of view of the actor) he types in funny videos and opens the “funny videos of people falling 2013 new 2 !!!” , just as the video is buffering and about to start, we hear the Azan (the camera makes a jump cut and switches in a close up to the face of the actor as he is looking to his right) ,whispering voices appear and the actor lightly closes his eyes as he slowly moves his head towards the screen of the laptop. Once he opens his eyes the voices suddenly stop (the camera is still in a close up to his face) and he opens the video and starts watching it and laughs (in this part the camera slowly gets away from his face and moves behind him while he’s still laughing and slowly gets further from the actor in a level angle as the scene starts to fade out)

Scene two

Actor: he is sitting on his bed with a cube puzzle in his hands with a sad/desperate look on his face (a level angle camera view on the whole actor, then we look at the cube in his hands from his point of view, there is the word “my life” written on it, then we switch in a close up to his desperate face while he’s looking at the cube), the cube is not matched and the colors are not in order, he tries to fix it (the camera moves in a jump cut between the shots of his face and his view of the cube), he is unable to fix it, he gets frustrated (the camera starts to switch faster between his face and the cube as he tries to fix it in a close up to both the cube and his face), he starts to get frustrated and frowns until he can no longer take it and throws it hard (we get a long shot at him while he is throwing the cube, a level angle from the camera), he puts his hands over his head and bends while sitting on the bed and cries/weeps a little. (once again the camera get’s further away from him slowly in a long shot and slowly fades out)

Scene three

(Start with a fade in, low camera angle of the actor) there is a smile of determination on his face, he lays the prayercarpet on the floor and starts praying and kneels down (the camera gets a level angel of him kneeling down and sitting upright and says Allsalam allikum on both sides of his shoulders (the camera takes a shot of both sides as he says alsalam allykum). He puts his hands up and closes his eyes and starts to pray and then brushes on his face with both hands and looks up (the camera takes a shot of his face from a high camera angle and zooms out from his face like as if his prayer is going up to the heavens). He hears a sound and looks towards the desk (in this shot the camera makes a jump cut, close up to his face, taking a shot of his frightened reaction), he finds the cube he had thrown on the desk, he walks up to it (a point of view shot of the actor as he walks to it and picks it up), the cube has “my life” wrapped around it, he turns the cube around, the font this time looks clear and bold, the cube is all matched, he holds it up to get a closer look at it, his eyes and smile start to light up (the camera gets a close up at both the cube and the actor’s face while he is holding it up, at first it looks closely at his face and blurs the cube, then it blurs his face and looks closely at the cube). He puts it down on the desk and runs out (the camera looks at him as he runs out of the door and looks back at the cube to get a closer sot t the cube on the desk and makes a close up of it for 2 seconds).







 Storyboard020131215_085821_Ibrahim Al Gabri.jpg20131215_085836_Ibrahim Al Gabri.jpg20131215_085851_Ibrahim Al Gabri.jpg20131215_085904_Ibrahim Al Gabri.jpg20131215_085912_Ibrahim Al Gabri.jpg20131215_085949_Ibrahim Al Gabri.jpg20131215_090000_Ibrahim Al Gabri.jpg



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