City of Lights

/Users/macbookpro/Desktop/school work/Artv 200/New Project.m4v

Artist Statement:
As I was creating the video, i wanted to grasp the idea of nightlife for everyone. i wanted people to look at the video and be able to relate to what is happening, so rather than having one purpose to it and one idea i decided to have many ideas and many different purposes. Alot of things can come to mind when thinking of Nightlife and thats what i wanted to show. I sat and thought about having the whole video revolve around parties but thats not something that screams cairo for everyone and i wanted to make sure everyone can understand what i mean from the video. I used different scenarios such as the birthday, and the jamming session in a jazz club, and also parties. I feel very satisfied with the video i created because it does seem nostalgic to me and it provides a sense of melancholy and it makes me want to treasure a beautiful moment and try as hard as i can to extend it so that it never ends. Thats how you embrace the beauty of life.


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